Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help on Sunday.

I’m preaching tomorrow morning at Good News Church WGV ( and will be unavailable until about NOON as a result. I’ve prepared assignments and starting teams for everyone to help split things up as much as possible.

Please plan to meet at your teams starting address at 1PM if possible. (If you can go earlier, that’s ok too, just call or text the contact for the address to make sure someone will be there first.)

Team Assignments and Team Lists are available here:

1. FIND YOUR TEAM on the team tab
2. FIND YOUR ASSIGNMENT on the assignment tab
3. SHOW UP at 1PM (or earlier if you can and the homeowner is available)

When you complete an address (or if someone isn’t home or the work is to complex), please leave a comment on the spreadsheet or text me at 904-377-2851 and let me know. I’ll respond as soon as I get out of church in the morning.

Once you complete an address, you can head to the next one on the list that’s not already assigned to a team.

bug spray, yard tools, chainsaw, mask, gloves, trash bags, and a smile 🙂

Remember these people have lost everything in some cases and a warm smile or a hopeful prayer can go a long way. If there are medical issues or other major problems, please report that to the authorities for help.

The city of St. Augustine has a resource line at 904-315-1404 that can help in some cases as well.

Good luck tomorrow and thank you for getting involved and lending a helping hand to those in need!